About Us

Welcome to the sweet world of Crazy Fruit!

We're a bunch of candy enthusiasts who have combined our love for grapes and candy to create the most delicious and unique treats. Our candy grapes are made with real grapes and coated in a sugary candy shell that will make your taste buds dance.

We take pride in using only the freshest and highest-quality grapes for our candy. Our process includes picking the grapes, washing and drying them before coating them in our secret candy recipe. We know you'll taste the difference.

Whether you're a grape lover, candy lover or both, our candy grapes are sure to satisfy your cravings. Perfect for snacking on the go, for parties, or for gifting to friends and family.

We're constantly experimenting with new flavor combinations and grape varieties to bring you the most exciting candy grapes experience. So, come join us on this sweet journey and indulge in the yummy world of Crazy Fruit

Thank you for choosing Crazy Fruit Chicago. Let's make the world a sweeter place, one grape at a time!